Mad Melodies

Mad Melodies is a student produced podcast and a production of Troy Public Radio. It was lovingly and fiercely created by Marissa Lacey and Jaelanne Thomas, who get help from their fellow music loving audio masters. We talk about music on Troy’s campuses, how it gets made and whose listening. And you may just hear your next favorite musical obsession. Mad Melodies is available on, NPR One, and wherever you get your podcasts. So subscribe and join our madness!

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Monday Mar 20, 2023

On this first and arguably maddest of episodes, we introduce you to your new favorite DJ with the nefarious name: Diablo. You'll hear how he juggles his career, work, and his life as a Troy University student AND a master in the booth. We also talk about his process of getting the room moving and how he changes up his musical style depending on where in the world he is mixing. THEN, it's “What's in My Ear?” our short, fascinating survey of the music people on the Troy's main campus rely on for some inspiration to get them through the day.

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